Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 19th March 2022.

Your agreement with us

By ordering from us, you agree you’ve read and accepted these terms, which comprise the following:

  • The buying online terms
  • If you’re purchasing a Pay monthly product and/or service,
  • If you’re purchasing as a business customer  kindly contact us

Some products or services may be subject to additional terms or provided by third parties. We recommend you read such terms before proceeding with your order.

Your status

If you’re an individual who’s placing an order, you must be 18 years or older and resident in Kenya, or incorporated as a business in Kenya, to purchase any products or services from us.

Your order

When you order products and services from this site, we treat this as an offer from you to purchase such products and services. We may refuse to accept such orders for any number of reasons such as a failure to meet credit check criteria, unavailability of products or services, product or pricing errors.

Upon receipt of your order, we’ll send you an email describing the products and services you’ve ordered. These communications confirm we’ve received your order, but don’t represent any acceptance of your offer to purchase products or services from us. We’re not legally obliged to provide the products and services to you during the offer process (before the contract is completed). The contract between you and us will only be completed when we dispatch the products to you. Any products or services on the same order which haven’t been dispatched to you don’t form part of that contract. For products purchased online and delivered to the store, the point of dispatch will be when the customer collects their device from the retail store.

Price and payment

Prices are exclusive of VAT unless we state otherwise. Payment will be debited from your card at the point of dispatch of the products or provision of the service to you. If we’re unable to supply the products or services to you, we’ll notify you and refund the relevant amounts if debited from your card.

When ordering a pay monthly product and/or service, and your order includes upfront costs, you’ll need to pay for these using your debit, credit card or cash. If we’re unable to take payment from your card, to avoid delaying your order we’ll add any upfront costs to your first bill. You can, however, pay for up-front costs with your card by registering for ‘My Account’ once you’ve received your order.

Third-Party payment processing charges may be applied and this is/will be reflected on your Order upon purchase.

Right to cancel and return products

If you’re a consumer customer, you have the right to cancel your online order no later than 1 calendar day after the day you receive your products or services, or welcome letter or email – whichever is the latter. This applies to all products, except digital items and unsealed software such as music and games which have been unsealed or downloaded, or used.

To cancel your order within this period and to arrange the return of products, please call customer service number +254 721 750 188

If you decide to cancel your order, please note the following:

  • The following conditions can qualify the customer for a return and full refund
    1. The wrong item is delivered
    2. Item Does not switch on in the case of electronics-maximum 1 day
    3. Item delivered is sent back with the rider/delivery company services e.g. G4S with seal intact e.g. if the order was wrongly placed/ customer changed their mind about the product (i.e. instant return)
    4. Warranty Issues

    Pre-requisites for a return:

    1. Item remains sealed unless if there was damage during shipment
    2. Product remains un-used
    3. Original packaging is still intact unless at the time of delivery this was not the case
    4. The product label containing the description has to be intact unless this is the reason for the return.
    5. The general condition of the product is good unless exception in (1) above holds
    6. Package has to be complete as was delivered i.e all accompaniments must be intact

Your personal information

You should only provide us with information that’s accurate and complete where we ask you to provide such information.